Sash Window Repairs and Restoration

Sash Window Repairs

Our service covers overhauling and draft-proofing existing wooden sashes and repairing or changing wooden sills. 
We cover conservation areas in Birmingham and surrounding towns. 

Sash Window Services

Sash Window Repairs provides a range of services to improve your wooden windows. We specialize in draught-proofing to keep your home warm, repairing any issues with your windows, improving the isolation, and even replacing entire sash windows if needed. Our services extend throughout Birmingham, Hinckley, Nuneaton, Telford, Coventry and the region around, ensuring residents can benefit from our help and expertise. 

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Window Draught Proofing

To improve your energy efficiency. 

Sash Window Repair

Try our free advice, and a free no obligation quote, with a bias toward sash window repair and preserving your original sash windows.

Broken Window Cords

We replace broken sash cords to lower and upper sashes.

Replacement Window Sill Section

Sills that are rotten beyond economic splice repairs can be entirely replaced. 

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Do you offer a small repairs window service?
Yes, we offer a window repair service to jobs of all sizes. Whether it's a minor repair or a larger project, we're here to assist you with all your window needs.
Can you match the existing style/mould of my window?
Absolutely, we can match the existing style and mold of your window seamlessly, ensuring it looks aesthetically pleasing and maintains its charm.
What can stop rattling windows/draft?
Yes, we can stop rattling windows and drafts with our draught proofing solutions. It is an easy way to lower your cost of electricity.

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